Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gattina Cattiva Shoots and Scores

"A letter does not blush."  -Cicero

Reuben and I had been text-flirting for days and I grew impatient.  Come here and see me, I said into the phone late one night.  I have a huge day at work tomorrow, he replied, and I need a shower and sleep.  You can shower and sleep here, I coaxed, I promise I won't rape you or anything but it would be nice to sleep next to each other.  Wouldn't it?  Do you nag all your boyfriends this way?  He has a low, shy laugh and it fires me up.  Ok, what's your address?  I almost died of shock.  YES!!!
He got here soon and I poured him a glass of wine while he showered.  I was quite nervous and it struck me as funny.  International playgirl, badass tough guy Gattina, quaking in her little stilettos.  We got comfortable on the couch and talked for a long time.  We talked about literature, family, pacifism, the pressure to do something amazing in life...
We moved to the bedroom and things got hot and heavy.  Folks, this boy has mad skills!  I'm not going to have sex with you tonight, he said.  -The record playing "Bolero" in my head scratches.-  Damn it!  I want you to remember me and want to see me again so I think it's best that I don't tonight, he explained.  I assure him I'm not going to forget him but he sticks to his word.  We fun anyway so there was no anger or stroppiness.  We slept comfortably together and woke up early.  He climbed onto me and started to touch me... and reached for a condom.  Score!  What changed your mind?  I asked.  I just realized it was important to you, he said.  Yeah, ok.  It was excellent sex in my favorite position and when we finished, his fingers were laced with mine.  I looked at our right hands and arms, stacked like a beautiful photo in a gallery and damn if I wasn't happy!  Uh-oh.  Gattina, you have a man.  Two as a matter of fact.  Other people are toys, other people are toys... but I'm not believing it.
I made coffee while Reuben showered and pulled out Ghalib.  I was really puzzled about Reuben changing his mind.  He came into the room while I was consulting the master and asked what I was doing.  I smiled.  
The master said: "Deceptively innocent, alert in rapture, I found the beauty daring me in her unmindfulness."  In this case, "unmindfulness" can mean "indifference" as well.  I laughed and showed Reuben, telling him my question.  The discussion in my version cautions that the lover is testing you and "setting a snare".  It really opened to that?  Reuben asked and seemed impressed.  We chatted over coffee about taking a picnic in the country and other perfect days that we could have.  It was difficult to let him leave since I knew I wouldn't see him for a while.  He went to Cornwall for the weekend and David (that's right- the ex that dumped me a year ago which touched off all this insanity) is coming here for a 5 day holiday.  
Matteo left for 2 weeks yesterday and I was really sad for me but happy he will get a break in warm weather.  As for Justin, I had dinner with him last night and I mentioned the book I am reading ("The Historian" by Kostova), and he said he hates to read.  I don't think I'll snog him again and shagging is certainly out!  Doesn't like to read?!  Madonna!   Plus, he's kind of a winger (that's with a soft "g", all you Americans).  Reuben asked me to write him a story and I e-mailed it off last night.  I'll let you know the reviews. ;)